Frequently Asked Questions

It could trade multiple time frames and does not require to launch it on every time frames separately.
Yes, its designed to deal with all types of news and change the strategy accordingly or just stop auto trading when market is totally unpredicted.
Optimization is dead for strategies as strategies are made and tested with certain indicator parameter values. And when the market changes the parameters needs to be changed so to get optimized for certain situation. While our strategy uses technical indicators just as part of supporting features, it’s not dependent on the parameter values of indicators.
ForexAITrader is designed to trade trend, retrenchment or reversal but it’s not all time frequent trader.
Our strategy does use the power of technical indicators like RSI, Moving Averages and MACD etc. But its not only dependent on technical analysis.
No, ForexAITrader doesn’t uses arbitrage.
Artificial Intelligence always runs on background when strategy sets the entry points in confluence with AI prediction the final decision is than calculated. After the trade entry the AI will look into the trades continuously.
Our strategy is based on our vision of Artificial Intelligence. We deal with the market differently as we know no single strategy alone out perform in the high dynamic Forex market. Thus, we have to use all best strategies backed-up with power of AI. Knowing the highest impact of fundamental factors.