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How ForexAITrader converts $10K into $32Million in just 3 months

Multi-Layer Customization

ForexAITrader provides multiple top-notch customizable features for user assistance and We believe in customization boost user experience.

Incorporating Fundamental Factors

Fluctuations in the Forex markets are volatile and unpredictable. Latest news impact current forex strategies very rapidly. ForexAI robot fully incorporates Fundamental Factors from reliable, trusted and disparate sources with it’s News module. This enables the Robot to fetch, add and configure latest trading news to it’s proprietary AI and makes it smart enough to update it’s trading strategies before news hit the market.

Smarter Money Risk

Management with Accurate Predictions

ForexAITrader makes smart and profitable monetary decisions via its super-fast AI prediction algorithms dynamically On-The-Go. This is the culmination of many man-years of extensive and comprehensive research in the Forex Trading realm.

360-Degree Visualization

ForexAITrader visualizes profit and loss graphs to elaborate various trading scenarios before, they happen by predicting various permutations of the potential outcome based on technical and fundamental factors.

Multi Timeframe Support

ForexAITrader supports search relations in multiple timeframes to raise the profit curve. Our super-fast & super-easy strategies support 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H , 1D and custom timeframes to boost profitability and accuracy.

Features Of




  • Customizable
  • Despite the fact that it can handle everything fully automatically, the EA provides facility to set which functionality to use or just let the EA decides the best for you.

  • Handle Fundamental Factor
  • The EA is designed to fetch the news from best and highly reliable sources and it handles the news with its outstanding news trading strategy. It looks for incoming news impact and do changes in its strategies to stay up-to date with the market.

  • Money Risk Management
  • The EA is designed and incorporated with best money management strategies. Its customizability allows to set the risk percentage for each trade.

  • Multi-Time frame support
  • Its design of multi-time frame makes it unique in a way that it’s able to initiate trades on 5 multiple time frames and finds the relation in different time frames to maximize the profit.

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